Friday, 28 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt

       There are many themes present throughout this collage of photos. The black and white image located in the top left possesses a theme of the past, it is a photo representation of "The light at the end of the tunnel" meaning that no matter how difficult your previous years were, there can always be a better ending. How the bricks are positioned make it seem at though they are rushing towards the light, or towards the future. Darker shaded ones, can be symbolic of the hard times in life, while the lighter ones symbolize the good, as life is a mixture of both. 

The image in the top left corner is a meta-photo of my family, one theme that could be found in my family picture is love. Families stick with you through thick and thin, and are with you whether  you win or you loss. Family is blood, a kind of forced love. But a love never the less.

I took the photo of that white hallway, because it is a great symbol of the future. The white walls reminded me of a fresh sheet of paper, because that is what the future is, it is a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on. Also, I believe that It is always better to look forward, rather then being stuck in the past. In this slim hallway, there is nothing you can do but look ahead. There is also the reflections along the floor of the lights over head. Overall I think that this image is an acturate representation of the future. 

The middle photo is a close-up of a notebook of mine, I chose to buy this journal because of the word Paris on it. Not many people know this but I love to travel, I've been moving around since I was a little girl, and traveling is just a part of me. After high school, I'm going to see the world. It's a passion of mine, I love packing my bags and flying to different places, seeing how people in other countries live so differently, and how their cultures differs from ours in Canada. 

The final picture found in the collage is the one of my oldest friend and I when we were in grade 3, this meta-photo represents friendship, and growing up. Those years that I lived in Greenwood, Nova Scotia were great, and the memories I've made with my best friend will stick with me forever even though we have moved away and grown apart. Although it hurts that we don't talk anymore it is a part of growing up, Kristin helped me to become the person I am today and I am so grateful for her years of friendship.

Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

The first image in the top row is a silhouette, synbolizing something I hate. Bullying. Bullying can make someone feel terribly alone and isolated, much like in this image how there are two people talking about another girl behind her back. making fun of someone else is not cool! And is one of the worst things to do.

The second picture is a meta-photo of when I was 8 years old and met the country singer George Canyon. I also won a spot as a princesses helper in the Appleblossum parade. Meaning I got to go shopping for the perfect princess dresses for the many royal events I had to attend with my princess. It's a great memory, and I'm glad my father got me to do it. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Spread the Word

Puppies at a mill awaiting their freedom. 

The Truth behind Pet Shop Purebreds
By: Kayla Burgess

 Have you ever heard of a puppy mill? Have you ever seen one? No? That is because the breeders behind these awful places don’t want anyone to know about them, or what goes on there. Puppy farms, as they are sometimes called, are positioned all across Canada. They breed far too many dogs creating a countless amount of puppies. There is no veterinarian care involved in these processes as the breeders simply want to make a profit, not spend it, even to better the health of their animals. In order to keep costs low there are multiple dogs per cage, and those cages are rarely cleaned leaving the animals stuck in unsanitary environments,  not to mention the abuse and neglect they are forced to endure in these places. Yet even with all of these horrific actions displayed on these forgiving creatures puppy mills are still legal all throughout the many provinces.

Every puppy mill is different though they all have the same thought in mind, money.  Once a female goes into a mill, it is most likely that they will not be coming back out. As to those breeders females are the money makers, the more puppies they produce the more puppies they can sell. When the number of babies per littler start to deteriorate the mothers are euthanized. This is because in the eyes of those people they are only commodities. Many mills attempt different methods in order to save space, time and money.  Each cage has multiple dogs in them, and none of the cages used are humane enough even for one. Stuffed in tiny rabbit cages stacked on top of each other for their entire lives, or in a muddy chicken pen so small that the mothers end up walking on their own litter until they are either sold or killed. These pens are used to save money as they are much cheaper than professional dog kennels. Certain breeders choose to keep their dogs outside requiring the dogs to overcome the both the boiling summers and the harsh winters each year, many dogs end up dying due to this cruelty. I find it ironic how many of the farms or mills that are investigated own acres of land far out into the country side, yet they keep these animals cooped up in cages, never letting them feel the touch grass on their paws.

Legal, when you hear of things being legal you think of safety. Not puppy mills. It may be hard to believe but these horrid places are allowed to be in our world. These environments are run by sick people so blinded by their greed for money that they ignore the animals’ rights to a safe, loving and healthy life. These dogs are considered cash crops to these breeders and in the eyes of the law they are live stock, or property not a living organism. Specifically in Canada there are no laws to prevent puppy mills, what little laws we do have in place, the mill owners can easily pay their fines and return to their work.  Disciplinary actions for cruelty to animals varying between each province, in Manitoba the fine for the first offence, is no more then $10 000, imprisonment of up to 6 months or both. The second offense has a fine of $20 000 or imprisonment of up to a year or possibly both. These laws and punishments were last updated in 2009, and there are no mandates in place to change the laws. The inhumanity presented towards these animals are uncalled for, and their needs to be and change with harsher action taken place to put a crack down on to puppy mills and the terrible crimes committed there.

 These places may be legal, but as humane people we know that they are wrong and need to be put to an end.  Puppy farms are active everywhere due to us unknowingly supporting them. You’re probably thinking, “I would never support such a sickening place” though the truth is that you may, even without realizing. If you've even bought a puppy from a pet store; or if you have ever had an online breeder deliver to you its almost guaranteed that the puppy came from a place much like this. There are a few tips that you can follow to ensure you are not contributing to a mill in anyway. Skipping the pet shops is the best way to do this. If you wish to add a member to your family adopting from a local shelter is a great choice, not only is it certain that you are not supporting commercial breeding but you will get knowledge on the animal’s history as well. Knowing where a pet came from can greatly assist with training. Also when buying from a breeder, make sure they are licensed, a good breeder will allow you to see the area where the puppies are kept and raised as well as the mother. If when you ask it see either of those important facets and they deny you access, your red flags should be going off take it as a sign that it is time to turn to another breeding.  The same rules apply when buying off on online website such as Kijiji, make sure to visit the mother and where the puppy grew up. Knowledge is the best defense; inform yourself and others of these facts and precautions to help put an end to animal cruelty and puppy mills everywhere.

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