Monday, 2 June 2014

My Bucket List!!

1) Learn Sign language
2) Go Skydiving
3) Learn to speak fluent French
4) See the 7 world wonders
5) Volunteer at a soup kitchen
6) Learn to garden
7) Give over 100 compliments in 1 day
8) Make someones day
9) Buy a car
10) Save up 10,000 dollars
11) Try kick boxing 
12) Sneak out of my house, and have a midnight adventure 
13) Drive out into the country and watch the stars
14) Live in Europe for a year
15) Marry the one I love
16) Have my first marriage be my only marriage
17) Eat healthy for a full 6 months
18) Swim in every ocean
19) Be a carny
20) Learn to ride a horse
21) Open my own business
22) Compete in a riding competition 
23) Get a hair styling apprenticeship 
24) Learn to public speak
25) Volunteer overseas, to help with a great cause(Me to We)
26) Get a massage
27) Try French toast
28) Ride a segway
29) Try a crepe
30) Go bungee jumping
31) Try cheese cake
32) Learn to be comfortable in my own body 
33) Get a tattoo
34) Get my ears pierced a second time
35) Keep my grades above an 80 in my graduating year
36) Move out and get my own apartment (when I'm old enough)
37) Get a my own puppy 
38) Be a great mother to my future kids
39) Have tons of family traditions
40) Get rid of my last summers tan lines
41) Work as a waitress
42) Swim with dolphins 
43) Learn to scrapbook
44) Write a children's story
45) Open up my own animal shelter
46) Run a half marathon
47) Be an extra in a movie 
48) Take a course in photography
49) Write a script for a horror movie 
50) Be able to do the splits
51) Learn to do a back handspring
52) Travel to Scotland 
53) Learn to cook
54) Try food from all over the world 
55) Learn to surf
56) Go scuba diving 
57) Swim with sharks
58) Protest for something I'm passionate about
59) Be in a flash mob
60) Visit sable island 
61) Go paragliding 
62) Go hang gliding 
63) Ride a camel
64) Meet/ be on the Ellen Degeneres show
65) Go dog sledding
66) Go parasailing
67) Change someones life
68) Learn more about the law
69) Go to Africa
70) Travel to China
71) See the leaning tower of Pisa
72) Travel to Spain
73) Graduate High School
73) Go to college or university
74) Do the CN tower edgewalk
75) Learn to say "I love you" in every language
76) See a broadway show
77) learn a card trick
78) Get a pandora charm from every place I travel to
79) Learn more about astronomy 

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