Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Memoir #2 - The Past

    I chose this image because I thought that it was a great representation of "the light at the end if the tunnel." Meaning that no matter how ruff or challenging your past may have been the future is wide open and full of possibilities!
       I made the writing for this picture grey to fit with the black & white photo, and seeing as I am talking about the past i was hoping for it to seem as though the words were simply fading into the background similar to how moments of your past fade in your memory.
     Additionally i believe that the bricks can represent the good and bad actions of the past. The light bricks being the good, and the darker bricks being the bad. My rationalization of this analogy is that not everyday we have is strictly good, or strictly bad. We have many mixed days, which is why, in my opinion the brick n this image greatly portray each point of time in our lives. Seeing as there are a few stones that seem to be in between, showing those mixed days we have. All in all, my thoughts are as I've mentioned, that this picture is a great way to symbolize the previous days of our lives.

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