Monday, 14 April 2014

Memoir #1 - The Future

    I chose this photo as a representation of the future because the white walls of the hall remind me of how clean and fresh our futures are.The walls are like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on, similar to how the future is waiting to be played out. What the future will look like is completely up to us. 
   Another way this hallway is symbolic of the future is in it's size, the skinniness allows you to look back for only a second before you must return to looking forward, in order to make sure you do not run into another person. Much like how in order to build a successful future you must look into your past, but you cannot dwell on it. The length, also is a reminder of the future seeing as the future is long and unknowing.
  The reflection of the lights on the floor can also symbolic of reflecting upon yourself, as you move through life, you must also reflect back, acknowledging what you use to be and how you have changed for the better. 
   I decided to make the writing white as a way to make it blend with the background and not stand out to much, While I used the filter fade, to make the whiteness of the walls pop more. 

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