Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Reading Assignment #4

1 - My one night stand with a married lawyer ended in a pregnancy, never doing that again #lessonedlearned

2 - Just found out that the high end doctors I am paying to help my son, overdosed him. They don't deserve to be called doctors #pissed

3 - I miss the old days... back when Max was little everything was easier then, it was so simple.

4 - I don't know what i would do without my best friends, Georgia is my family. I would be lost without her help and dedication #loveher

5 - I wish my mother and father were still here... I need help, I dont know what to do for Max #confused #wishfulthinking

6 - Met the absolute best guy last night at the bar, I really want to see Ted again. #crushinhard

7 - Ted asked me to have dinner with him tonight.. I really want to go but my life is just too complicated to bring him into.. #conflicted 

8 - I have worked way to hard to get this partner ship my firm and if they give it to that ass kisser Matthews I'll be mad #Ideservethis

9 - The partnership at my firm is without a doubt a mans club. I hope they can look past my being a women and see the great work I've done #hopefulthinking 

10 - My son attacked another patient today, their trying to tell me that it was unprovoked but I don't know what to believe.. 

11 - I have to get this partnership! If I don't then I'm out of a job, I don't know how I'd support Max's medical bills.. 

12 - Oh I could kill E. Bartlett!! He left me out to hang in the breeze throughout all those patronizing questions!! #donewithguys #fueltomyfire

13 - Just left the partners meeting.. I have no idea how I should feel about the way it went #nervous

14 - I'm done with all of the fancy doctors never giving me a straight answer! If I can't get what I'm looking for from them, I'll have to find it myself. 

15 - I'm taking Max out of Maitland! They call themselves a high end facility yet they are the worst of the worst. I advise never to go there 

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