Friday, 18 April 2014

Six Word Memoir #6 - Growing Up

Friendships are a huge part of growing up, that is why I chose this picture of my old friend Kristin and I. This was taken in grade 3, and now being in grade 11, and having moved away from her we don't talk much. I came up with the memoir, "friendship last forever in our memories", meaning that even if you drift apart from your best friend you will alway remember that friendship. Friendships are a huge part of growing up, it is those friends that make you, who you are today. It hurts deeply knowing you use to be so close to someone, that you guys use to be eachother's other half. Yet It is then, once you accept that you are not as big part of their life anymore that you have to thank them for having been in your life, thank them for those wonderful memories and move away knowing that you both did right by eachother in that time period of friendship.

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