Saturday, 19 April 2014

Six Word Memoir #5 - Love

I personally think this image fits perfectly with the theme love, I chose to use a filter in order to lighten up the original image and to had more texture throughout it. As for the words, I decided on this font simply because I believe looks softer and more elegant. The colors are white and red. I wanted them to stand out against their background, and I wanted the word love to stand out especially I though making it red would be a good way to go. The saying "When you love never let go" comes from my thoughts and own experience of love. I know that love can be a deeply scary thing that many people shy away from. Some people may even push away the person they care about most in order to try and protect themselves. That is why I say "when you love never let go" because you shouldn't. Love is an ability, and if your able to love someone you need to hold on to them. If they are able to carry u out of your darkest days, then they are someone worth holding on to. You can't let being a little scared get in the way of something so magical.

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