Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Reading Assignment #3 Text Connections

Saving Max, 95

One connection that I've made while reading Saving Max, is a text to self connection. Throughout the book Danielle's love and devotion to her son as never wavered. No matter what obstacles we thrown in there way, she was always there to support Max and help him through the dark times of self loathing and depression. Always making sure he had the best doctors, that's why when Max's thoughts switched to suicide, they went to Maitland, the highest ranked psychiatric hospital in New York. Danielle would go to te ends of the earth for the people she loves. It's in that quality that we are the same, although the hardships my family has been through are completely different then theirs. I would do absolutely anything to protect and help my family. Danielle and I would sacrifice everything to help our loved ones out of whatever trouble they've gotten into, and we would do it in a heartbeat.

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