Friday, 18 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

Six Word Memoirs
    My six word memoirs would have gone splendidly… key word being “would have” if I hadn't procrastinated and not gotten them finished. It was and easy enough assignment and I know I could have done a great job. Yet they are still not all handed in, I have 2 out of 6 memoirs posted, and I still need to find four photos for the rest of them. My self-given mark would be an incomplete. I know I could do better but my stress levels at the time this project was given was at an all-time high, making it difficult for me to focus not to mention my procrastination skills got in the way.

Ignite Presentation
    The ignite presentation has been a bit difficult to do. Choosing the topic was hard for me, I couldn't think of something that I truly loved to do. I would throw around thoughts of spreading information on puppy mills then change my mind believing it was too dark of a topic to talk about in front of my class. Then I’d think to talk about soccer, but I didn't know how I would talk about it and to be honest although I love playing it, it’s not something I’m very good at or am passionate about. Then I thought about writing a story and making pictures to go on the slides or just talking about something inspirational such as happiness. None of the topics seemed to fit. In the end it was my indecisiveness that threw me off and made this a lot harder than it should have been. Finally a week or two after getting this assignment I chose the topic of volunteering, but I chose it only a few days before having to present. I was unable to complete it in time making it late and am still trying to complete it now. My overall mark for myself is an incomplete. It was my brain that stopped me from succeeding in this project, as it usually is. For my perfectionist ways will throw me off and make me believe that what I've got so far isn't good enough.

    My blogging throughout this class has definitely not been up to standards...  I have not been posting personal additions onto my blog like I should have been, nor have I been posting my assignments or even completing them in a timely manner. When it comes to posting on my class mates blogs I have posted one comment but have not looked at fellow classmate’s blog since. I have only added one “personal addition” to my blog, and even then I’m not sure whether it is actually considered a personal addition. Overall the grade I would give myself in this category is a zero, a D, an incomplete. I doesn't matter how you say it but my actions of posting personal additions and assignments onto my blog have not been up to par.

Connecting and Engaging:
    My connecting and engaging in class is not as high as it could. I have not commented on my class mates blogs as much as I could have nor have I even visited their blogs. This I plan to do a lot more of, I would love to see how my fellow class mates have been designing their blog. Additionally, I believe that even though I didn't read to the grade three Thompson class or speak with them directly, I was still engaging in the Skype call by listening, watching and laughing along with them. Another thing is that I have made sure to regularly attend classes. Overall I give myself a B in is category, I haven’t been perfect with my connecting and engaging in class but I have still been participating this is why I have given myself a B.

3 Course Goal

1)  Improve my mark:
    My most important goal for the rest of this semester is to greatly improve my mark.  A 63 is not a good enough mark for me, especially when I know I can do a lot better, my mark should be an 80 at the least.  It is my list of uncompleted assignments that have my mark so low, and to be honest I don’t even understand how I’ve gotten so far behind in my work but I am determined to get fully caught up.  I will accomplish this by focusing all my class time into the assignments given, asking for help if I’m stuck on what to write about or on what to do, and I will make sure  to not give into my procrastinating ways.

2) Improve my work habits
   I believe that I started off this semester working great, I was handing in all assignment in a timely fashion and paying very close attention to everything being said by the teacher. It was a few weeks in that my work started going downhill, a friend had joined the class and I got distracted big time. My class time turned into nonstop talking, and telling myself I’ll finish this later, each time I said it I always had full intention to do so, but life would get in the way. I would have work; volunteering and I constantly made the wrong choice of choosing to hang out with the boyfriend instead of doing homework. Now, for the rest of the semester I am going to improve my work habits and my work ethic.

3) Get caught up & have everything completed.
   I realize that throughout this semester I have not been putting my full 110% into this course, and to be honest it saddens me. I could do better than I have been and I would really like to show that.  So my third and final goal for the rest of this semester is to complete every assignment that I have not completed and use my class time wisely for the rest of the projects we will be given. I am determined to finish the goal of mine, and I know that I am stubborn enough to make myself do it.

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